Do you know the old cliché that details should not ruin a good title? Well, it’s considered a sports title. You may have heard of these famous sports moments, but do you know the real stories?

10. Bill Buckner’s mistake

This clip is inevitably present in all World Series games. World Series 1986, Mets vs. Red Sox, sixth race, 10th place. Bill Buckner let a slow grounder move between his legs and the 68-year-old “Curse of the Bambino” continued. The hearts of the Red Sox Nation were broken in the most brutal way.

Unless …

The game is right this time. If he had made the game, it would have taken a long time – the impossible happened. The Red Sox scored two runs in the 10th inning and led with 5: 3. They were only three wins since winning the series and after two quick catch-up maneuvers they were unlucky. Crews decorate the Red Sox dressing room with banners and champagne. Keith Hernandez, who was responsible for the second trip, went to the Mets Club to get a beer.

And why not? The chance of a return increases by 2%. But then everything went wrong. Two basehits gave the runners of Mets first and second place. Another knockout in one race and the runners in first and third place. Red Sox manager John McNamara has decided it is time to change the pace and is led by Bob Stanley’s more reliable approach to Mookie Wilson. At the eighth landing shot, Stanley threw a rubber shot so that the tie could score and the other runner could advance to the second.

On the next field, Wilson hit his slow grounder and made a throwing error. Although the error is symbolic and occurs at the worst moment, it is the culmination of a series of unspeakable events. Bill Buckner has a lot of unnecessary pain in this regard.

9. Wonder of ice

Everyone knows it. The 1980 American ice hockey team defeated the mighty Soviet Union in a one-year break of 4-3 and won their first gold medal since 1960.

Unless …

This is not the gold medal game. In 1980 the tournament teams continued to enter the pools where they played in the round robin. The two best teams from each group made the medal round. Unlike today, where the medal round is a knockout tournament, the first two of each pool play the first two of the other pool for medals.

It’s getting stranger. The best teams also earn points earned by another team from their progress pool. The United States and Sweden were drawn to the pool game, so everyone got a point. The Soviets beat Finland in billiards and then led to two points, while Finland led to zero. The Soviet Union led the group before the medal competition.

The victory over the Soviets raised the United States by three points to two, but the Soviets still managed to win gold by beating Sweden (9-2) and losing the United States against Finland. Worse, a Soviet victory and the sealing of Finland by the United States would also lead to gold for the Soviets, because the separation of intentions would have been the first to close the knot.

But the United States lost 4-2 to Finland after returning from a 2-1 deficit in the third quarter, and we had to endure such a ridiculous explanation why the United States, but always, one of the most promoted problems in the history were defeated behind the team.

8. “Shot Heard Heard” Worldwide by Bobby Thomson

Every baseball player’s dream is to hit a big killer. Bobby Thomson had this hope in 1951 when he met Brooklyn Ralph Branca at the end of ninth place, a dramatic murderer with three shots, to get the National League banner for the New York Giants. It was preceded by the first days of television broadcasts and the calls from broadcasters were announced.

Unless …

The giants have defeated the World Series of the Yankees in six games. Moreover, Bobby Thomson hit an incredible .238 without running home. It is possible that the United States defeated the Soviets and then lost to Finland.

7. Kerri Strugs Vault

Everyone saw the photo. This was shown before every Olympic broadcast. Kerri Strug, one of the “Magnificent Seven” members of the American women’s team at the 1996 Olympic Games, has a beautiful bow and is wrapped heavily around her arm. This is the embodiment of the Olympic spirit: just look at the pain in the face!

Fighting is not the star of the team. He is not obliged to wear a medal at the individual events. But then his team needed him. He fell on his first attempt. At the insistence of his coach Bela Kurolyi, however, he made the second attempt and the United States won gold for the first time. Kerri Strug leads (you see what we did there?) To Olympic supremacy and immortality, for which coming is of the utmost importance.

Unless …

The team had received the gold medal before the safe was taken. Kerri hardly knew it and nobody knew her colleagues. At the time there was a complicated point system and the scores of the last silver medals (Russia) were more or less concentrated at the same time. Although this was a strange moment, Strug could have slipped into his face and the result was the same.

A scary theory is the debate about whether American coaches know they have won or not. It was rumored that Bela Kurolyi, who did not train Strug individually but was led by coach Dominique Moceanu, could not qualify for the individual competition. Imagine that next time you see other iconic photos of him saying “You can do it” and then take him for a medal ceremony.

6. Shot by Michael Jordan

You have already seen it in the Nike and Gatorade advertisements. The NBA uses it forever in their promotions. Two more seconds and his team, Michael Jordan, who took the pass at the entrance, quickly dribbled towards the foul line, jumped into the air, buried the sweater and pumped his fist to celebrate. It was the most epic moment in the career of a man who beat several guns and won six NBA titles.

Unless …

He won his first round two years for his first title. It was 1989. The Bulls were sixth on the grid and were right ahead of the third grid position, Cavalier 2-2, which went to the last game in Cleveland. When Jordan hit the game winner, it was still a sad chapter in a bad Cleveland curse. The Bulls continued to beat the New York Knicks in the second round before falling 4-2 on the Detroit Pistons. Even more encouraging is that they are the only two games that the Pistons lost in their first consecutive titles in the playoffs. It looks good and is a sign of things to come, but it is far from Jordan’s most famous moment.

5. Billie Jean King v. Bobby Riggs in the war against sex

In 1973, women’s tennis legend Billie Jean King beat men’s tennis legend Bobby Riggs for 30,000 spectators and about 90 million spectators, also known as War on Gender. It is a victory for the women’s liberation movement, showing that an older athlete can compete on a comparable basis against a male athlete.

Unless …

Bobby Riggs was then 55. Come on, give a name to a great 55-year-old athlete. That’s right. He first went to his suitcase. The oldest Grand Slam title winner is 37 years old. The average winner is around 20 years old. The oldest golf winner is also 48.

It is not to be expected that Bobby Riggs is not far from the greatest figure of all time. He has won three Grand Slam titles, but more than three men have won more than three. And last in 1941 when he was 23 years old.

Billie Jean King is one of the greatest athletes of all time and his victory is a reference point for the feminist movement of the time. It would have been all the more surprising if he had played against one of the best players in 1973, not in 1943.

4. Scott Norwood, right

1991, Super Bowl XXV, eight seconds remaining. Scott Norwood, area defender for the most popular Buffalo Bills, tried to win the field goal, but to no avail. The New York Giants have already won 20:19 in the next Super Bowl. If Norwood had not skipped the bills, he would have won 22-20.

Unless …

This is a 47 meter field test, not exactly a chip shot. In the nineties, the success with NFL placeholders was only 62% of the time between 40 and 49 meters. Despite the strong pressure he had, he hit the 40-49 area. For comparison: the success rate of more than 50 meters in 1990 was 42%. That is why there is so much in the range of 50-50. The game was also played on a lawn, not artificial grass, that was played by the house accounts and was preferred to the players.

And keep in mind that laws are generally preferred even if you are in one of the most shocking hours of the game. In fact, this amounts to more than a long-awaited field goal.

3. Bob Beamon’s long jump

At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Bob Beamon broke the world record by more than a meter and won the Golden Style. It is the highest of the most dominant goals for an athlete after winning 22 of the last 23 events. His record covers 23 years, a year for a world athletics record.

Unless …

The 1968 Olympic Games were held in Mexico City, a city of 7,000 feet. Anyone who has reached such a height knows that thin air can cause shortness of breath. But it also means less resistance – isn’t it surprising that the longest field goal in NFL history is in Denver? Or is the Coors Field in Denver built in such a way that there is enough space to not come home in a hurry? If you try to hit a golf ball at this height, this will do wonders for your ego. And what? You can also jump further.

We didn’t want to take anything away from Beamon: he dominated the World Cup of the year. He won the silver medal with exactly the same height advantage, almost two and a half feet! This corresponds to winning a football match with 35 points. If you are not a North American, you can win a football game with six goals. The gold medal is certainly impressive, but it can rightly be said that the world record was crowned after a few years instead of a few decades when it was placed elsewhere.

2. Steve Bartman

In 2003, the Chicago Cubs had a 3-2 lead over the Florida Marlins for the National League Championship. One of the two Cubs superstar pitchers, Mark Bago, was on the mountain while the Cubs were in 8th place with 8-0. The puppies are only five years old since they attended their first World Series in 58 years and have the chance to win their first World Series in 95 years.

But after Luis Castillo hit a volley on the left side of the row of foals. It flows to the stands, but Mozes Alou tries. He jumped in the air and came to the ball … but luck came in the form of a fan named Steve Bartman, who also climbed the ball and stopped Alou’s attempt.

The puppies keep losing the game. In the evening they also lose and lose the World Series. Without a crowded audience, the constant resentment against countless other fans would have ended.

Unless …

The puppies continue to deliver eight sets. If Alou had fished, he would have been second after a runner. Instead, Castillo left and the next batter sang. But that was just the beginning.

The most striking moment was when Miguel Cabrera hit a fast ball on the floor, a classic double game ball that had to end in loneliness. But it’s usually safe to give the ball to Alex Gonzales, and both runners are safe. Then the doors opened and the Marlins started 8-3 without leaving. And then the Cubs came out and lost a 5-3 lead in game seven the following night and eventually lost 9-6.

11 years later, Cubs fans are still waiting for a return. Steve Bartman’s interference undoubtedly hurts things and is a symbol of reason. But there are many other negative aspects that everyone should leave behind.

1. Miracle of Ice (part II)


Miracle on Ice was furious over the years until the giants’ rage over Super Bowl XLII and Villanova Georgetown shocked the 1985 national championship.

Unless …

It was the professionals who raised the professionals or amateurs who defeated the amateurs. Although the 1980 Olympics were a technical issue, the communist definition of amateur was not exactly the same as that of the capitalist. Soviet players only played hockey. Many are technically in the army or have other functions for the state, but they literally spend all their time playing state hockey in artistic structures.

In the meantime, America’s best players all play in the NHL, and because they are paid for it, they cannot go to the Olympics. The American team consists of the best university players and an All Stars university team has a chance of winning a professional All Stars team, right?

Apart from the fact that hockey has a much larger competition system in the league. While the best American players are in the NHL, dozens if not hundreds of other prominent Americans play for minor league teams in North America. That naturally also makes them improbable professionals.

That is why the best hundreds of American players are not admitted, while a broad definition of amateurs allows the best crazy hockey players in the Soviet Union to compete against each other. Soon until 2014, when the professionals played the professionals at the Olympics and the United States, a shootout was imminent to beat the Russians. It is not surprising that this is the best-known outrage ever.


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