10. Consider heparin

Heparin is a widely used anticoagulant for telephone conversations and keeps blood vessels and blood vessels free of blood clots. Made in part from the intestines of pigs, so they are there. One of the most common problems in drug production is the lack of sufficient heparins in the United States, many from China.

Even worse, some were dirty. After extensive research, it appeared that a Chinese company sent a dirty gamble to America and killed 100 people. This is closely related to the fact that the pollutants have carried out various difficult quality tests. Scientists are trying to find a better way to make synthetic heparin, because the world is 70% dependent on China.

9. Antiretroviral elixir (which led to the creation of the FDA) – 100 deaths

In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt received a letter from a mother who lost her baby after receiving a dubious drug called elixirsulfanilamide. It has always been one of the first healing methods in the world. The problem is that there is poison in this mixture called diethylene glycol.

Almost immediately, patients began to experience everything from nausea to kidney failure. 107 patients died with sulfanilamide elixir. The man who made it committed suicide two years later and was brutally murdered. If something good happened as a result of a disaster, the presentation of our modern diet and treatment plan was quickly made.

8. Meningitis 2012 due to epidural steroids

Preparing the Massachusetts Preparatory Center for a steroid called methyl prednisolone acetate was the focus of a series of shocking events in 2012. Framingham Pharmacy developed contaminated steroid injection products and admitted it for the first time. The following year they raised $ 100 million to pay victims for their dirty products. Steroids and more than 750 herbs that are directly related to the drug have been reported in at least 20 countries in the United States. 64 people died from the disease. Pharmacists were arrested among 14 people accused of murder in the second degree. It was only after the company filed for bankruptcy and even claimed that the cleaning company helped a lot of drug poisoning.

7. Panama uses a herbal remedy for cough syrup

It was a good decision for the Panamanian public security organization to spread the poor of the country. But at least 20,000 people have been released to the public without testing, and the simple error of not reading the game can prevent disaster.

When the cough mixture was mixed, an ingredient called diethylene glycol was added, which pharmaceutical companies believed to be using a simple sugar offering. What they mix is ​​part of the freezing reaction, which many doctors say is a terrible cough. And survive. People between the ages of 60 and 300 died because cough medicines incorrectly ordered a bottle with the wrong label. All this would have been prevented if there had been no screening tests.

6. Laws of Basra 

Bextra was an anti-inflammatory drug purchased from Pfizer. However, pain rehabilitation did not last long because people had heart problems and a fatal skin condition with Stevens-Johnson syndrome was reported. In 2005, the FDA forced the pharmaceutical company to remove Bextra from the stores. But that is not everything.

Pfizer is finally paying for one of the largest locations in the history of the Bextra fiasco. Not only is $ 4.85 billion in patient damage paid for wrong sales and other common actions, they also run a large colony without admitting evil.

5. Estrogenic medicines

The type of estrogen that was sold to women in the mid-20th century. They reach 10 million women during pregnancy and believe that this will help to reduce disability. Diethylstilbestrol has been offered as a panacea to help women raise their children, but estrogen attacks everything, including the blood of children.
Many of these children had sexual imbalances at birth. Many become sterile and are more likely to develop different types of cancer. The DES product mainly increases the risk of miscarriage. Armed with this knowledge in 1958, the FDA gave up the medicine for 12 years. It will prevent the consumption of poultry and obesity before it can be removed from the market for human consumption.

4. Breast cancer is associated with cancer in France

The poly-implant prosthesis, developed and introduced in France in the grain processing industry, is one of the world’s leading products. When they started to slow down, it took me ten years to recover.

Around 30,000 women in France and neighboring countries are said to have invaded plants during this period. Instead of using medical implants for breast implants, the company used synthetic silicones that would save millions of dollars annually. The same silicones are used for the computer and the electrical components. Their “economy” has also eliminated the intestines that can cause cancer.

3. Bayer is a problem with HIV

Hemophilia is a condition in which human blood is often transported and results in a small wound that turns into blood. A medicine that prevents this can be a blessing. When Bayer Medical (tested with aspirin!) Developed the drug for this purpose in the early 1980s, this seemed to change.

Unfortunately, the early 1980s was a mysterious disease known as the spread of HIV. Bayer discovered that the drug was infected with HIV and began treating the drug in 1984 to kill it. The fact is that they have a collection of fallen trees. Instead of doing everything human and destroying it with fire, they prefer to sell the rest to poor countries in Latin America and Asia. At least 100 people with hemophilia in Asian countries are infected with AIDS and thousands of people worldwide are infected with HIV from contaminated products. Bayer and others paid nearly $ 600 million for their problems, but they promised to be “moral” and “human.”

2. Two thousand

There was a problem with diet pills in the 1980s and 1990s when the FDA ignored it. Drug manufacturers must announce that their products do not have FDA certification and everyone has already approved the option.
Fen was a bit different. He promised to put an end to obesity. The doctors started the study and completed 18 million prescriptions for the drug in 1996. The Fen Fen drug reduces and burns calories faster at the same time. We have discovered that the difference is that the human heart valves are complete. Much better than being fat. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, American Home Products, would raise $ 3.75 billion and allegedly sue $ 175,000 against AHP, considering who knows how many people paid them. It was not the first time the company was in hot water with legal placement and meeting procedures: this year they had to pay $ 54 million for Fen-Fein service because poor contraceptive methods caused unknown side effects.

1. Talidomide medicine in the fifties and sixties

You may have heard the aforementioned “buzzword” thalidomide when you met your stupid aunt in a Facebook chat. and it is wrong and is often based on the results of a neglected digestive doctor.

Thalidomide itself was used in the 1950s and 1960s to treat morning sickness in pregnant women. Whether it is active or not is important because it has delayed the development of the arteries in the large womb. Five to nine weeks after conception, usually when a pregnant woman uses thalidomide, and in tens of thousands of cases there are sudden appearances in the heads and babies of her newborns. Thalidomide was finally stopped in 1961, but the damage seems to have occurred. If there is a directive that protects pharmaceutical companies against exposing harmful products to people.


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