A year ago this week The ChronicleThe editorial team gathered in our Washington, DC newsroom for a hastily arranged farewell meeting. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the colleges had already started moving to remote operations, and now it was our turn.

Nobody was sure how long our withdrawal from the mothership would take. Has it really been 12 months? What day is today? Without the usual milestones in life, time has defied measure.

What is certain to anyone who has experienced the pandemic is that the losses are volatile and the psychological stress is immense. The arrival of the vaccines gives a glimmer of hope while the early decrees of some states to end the pandemic create frustration and even despair.

These and other thoughts came loud and clear in response to questions we asked of our readers last month Daily briefing and Academics today Newsletter.

We want to continue the dialogue. What else should we have asked? What stories should we tell? Please inform us. In the meantime, check out a selection of what we've already heard.

How has the pandemic changed you?

Which word or phrase should be banned forever?

What has the pandemic changed forever – for better or for worse – in higher education?

What are you sick of?

What are you missing on campus?

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