10. Change

For those of you who have many thoughts and heated discussions, Ho’oponopono will last a long time. This practice in Hawaii believes that the roots of an illness lie in arguments, anger, or even guilt. It focuses on the healing process of these defects and requires forgiveness and reconciliation. The surprising words to be said here are “patience” and “excuse me” to begin recovery.

9. Urinary recovery

Urine is considered a miracle route in many parts of the world. In some bags in China it is used as a facial cleanser for babies to protect the skin. In India he also won a brand ambassador: the country’s prime minister, Morarji Desai, claims to be good at his daily pint of urine.

8. The candle ear

This process is also known as thermal ear therapy to make it appear as a normal healing method. The test is not necessary because the light at one end of a candle and at the other end of the ear is anything but normal. Most major health organizations are strongly opposed to trying this treatment.

7. Repeated work

Does your mother often remind you of the severe pain she has suffered to give birth to you? Here’s something you can tell her too. According to Leonard Orr, who developed this type of breathing, giving birth is a very special experience for a child. He believes that another breathing connection can help you restore your birth and heal the scary event. This improved the overall health of the patient.

6. Beer Spa

You can also swim and drink in some parts of this planet. Don’t start with the hiccups, these are not soap containers we are talking about. The bathroom is full of beer. Many beers have recently appeared in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria to entertain people with their irresistible weekend beer offerings.


5. Psychological surgery

Scalpel, scissors, surgical clips, anesthesia … We can continue, but these words are enough to paint a portrait of a helpless man tied to an operating room who feels sorry for a complete stranger. The idea of ​​an operation that requires nothing to move the body is anything but convincing. There are many believers in countries such as Brazil and the Philippines. The process involves taking care of and making contact with the diseased parts of the body to repair them. Substances such as blood or tissue can be made reliable.

4. Virtual dolphin therapy

This is a useful therapeutic therapy in times of recession. You don’t have to spend money on a therapist; A fantastic dolphin can also do a good job. Welcome to the world of virtual dolphin therapy. Go to bed, but don’t keep your eyes open now. All you have to do is watch the dolphins roaming the deep sea and listen to the sounds of waves and oceans. The treatment is said to bring about a deep state of relaxation and change.

3. Bee sting therapy

Yes, you read that right. The treatment means that you are in a healing state. System experts believe that human consciousness has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in diseases such as arthritis and keloids. Depending on the situation, the patient can be exposed to any number of bees.

2. Past life disorders

It is just as strange to get. A person can blame his gluten allergy for the death of a wheat farm in his previous life. Experts rely on the hypnosis of patients to remember their memories from the past. These ‘doctors’ claim to remedy the basic problems of current health problems by helping to identify unresolved problems in past lives.

1. Snake massage therapy

This treatment makes a massage anything but relaxing. A lot of non-toxic snakes are carved into your body. Your moans and hugs actions give you the most soothing feeling of your tired and sick body. Don’t worry if your facial muscles are scary, because these centers also give you special little snakes.


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