After the Golden State Warriors recently won their sixth NBA championship – their third in four years – they quickly became the team that everyone began to hate. However, you can be the greatest super-super warrior and love everything related to the incredible team. The problem Call a “bandwagon fan”. No longer a true fan of someone who claims that you have just joined the band since the start of the victory and that you would only become a member of the next team that began to rule. How do you solve that? Show your loyalty in these 10 ways.

10. Know the history of the team

You can easily silence a critic by ignoring historical information or names of older players when prompted. For example, you can wake up your skeptics by saying that the Warriors were stationed in Philadelphia in 1946 before moving to San Francisco in 1962. You can also add that the team only had two players to win. in the MVP award, with Wilt Chamberlain 1960 and Steph Curry in 2015 and 2016. The Warriors also have the record for most regular seasonal wins in NBA history, with 73 wins and 9 losses in the 2015/16 season. All the facts will eliminate someone.

9. Support the team in two difficult and good times

Everyone likes to support a winning team if they really do: they win. But what about the years in which things looked much better than before? The good players were gone, there were no good prospects and you suddenly did not know if you had to claim a fan. But if you continue to support the team, you’ll prove that you love sports, not just winning, even if Joe Smith is the best player in the Warriors case.

8. Participate in the games at any time

We’ll get it, it’s cold outside, maybe even icy, so you can skip this game, right? Not acceptable The team needs your support, even when it’s winter. So make sure you are at home to enjoy the arena.

7. Also visit street games

To prove that you are not a fan of the train, there is no better way to find your favorite piece if you play in different cities. Of course you don’t have to travel to Los Angeles if you live in New York, but hey, if you have a game in Boston, it’s easy. If your team knows there is at least one person to turn them into a street game, they can just do it.

6. Watch TV games when you are not in the arena

If for some reason you cannot do it in a home or street game, it is best to watch the entire game live and entertaining. Many professional competitions have the option to stream via the internet if the game you like is not on TV, such as: B. the NBA Pass League. So there is no excuse for not seeing the game.

5. Collect the goods

Although it is easy for every fan of the train to choose a shirt and hat and call their own irreducible promoter, you can limit yourself to the goods you get. When we get back to the warriors, stand out with a Chris Mullin shirt or a Baron Davis poster from someone who knows a little about the team and some great players.

4. Start a fan blog

You no longer have to explain the true commitment of your team than to start a fan blog. The owners like to talk about what their team should do and how you can better share your thoughts with the world. Social media is also memorable, so you have to write an analysis in the form of specialized articles. Familiarize yourself with the functionality of the website and design your website online. If you have taken the time to write your thoughts about the game at night, you are clearly a true sports fan.

3. Play in a fantasy league

Fantasy sport is fun because you can form a team and compete with others in a championship. It takes a while because driving in a team is not easy, but it does qualify as an experienced player in the chosen game. Bonus points if you select a few players from your favorite team. Yahoo or Draft Kings are two of the best startup sites.

2. Follow the social media team

Today, all players and teams look like social media, and although some of them are slow, there are always some interesting points for discussion. It is always important to have an idea of ​​what your team is going to put on the pitch to become a real sports fan, because there are many things you need to know about the personality of the players and make them stronger. ,

1. Talk about a team that never stops

This team must be just as important to you as your family. If you asked your teammates if they saw the game last night or literally talked to someone who wants to hear how the group is developing, who would you call a car enthusiast?


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