10. Wood

Wood allergies are absolutely annoying. Although people are allergic to certain types of wood or sawdust, there are cases where people are allergic to any type of wood, whether it is dust or solids. With wood allergies you cannot touch the paper, use a pencil or become a carpenter! The allergy can be so severe that the skin burns. In most cases, wood allergies cause skin irritation, cough, strokes, and rash.

9. plastic bottle

In today’s world I cannot imagine plastic allergies. Since many everyday plastic items are made for recycling, an allergy to plastic is definitely a problem. Plastic dermatitis means not drinking from water bottles, no Tupperware, some types of glasses that are not worn, no credit card or even plastic utensils. This allergy often causes a rash such as rash, swelling, numbness or itching.

8. Nickel – nickel dermatitis


Today, 1% of the population is said to have nickel dermatitis. Although this allergy is not a clear allergy, it is best known for the use of mobile phones and other technical devices at high speed. As more and more people use mobile phones and iPods, more and more cases of nickel allergy are increasing worldwide. A nickel allergy can be life threatening, just like many of the daily things that are normally associated with it. For example, coins, jewelry, some types of clothing, scissors, kitchen utensils and even metal chairs.

7. Caffeine

Caffeine control is a common disease. However, there are people who cannot test the least amount of caffeine without being exposed to potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. We all know that caffeine is the ideal remedy if we need some energy during the day. Patients with caffeine allergy can suffer from disappointments, anxiety, hallucinations, muscle spasms, skin rashes, skin rashes, palpitations and loss of vision. Some even have attacks that can be fatal.

6.  kiss

Sometimes a kiss is not just a kiss. This is exactly what allergies say while kissing. We don’t even talk about weakened marriages. Although this allergy does not mean that someone has an allergy to the lips or … the tongue of the other person, the person suffering from this allergy usually suffers from a serious food or drug allergy. Due to the close contact and frequent use of saliva, food particles or medical particles can remain in the mouth and cause allergic reactions.

5. Computer – electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Computer allergies are hardly conceivable these days. However, computer users complain about nausea, nausea, itching and headache after using the computer. Studies have shown that computer screens and other components contain the chemical triphenyl phosphate, which is used as a burning flame. Fortunately, the chemical level usually drops after a computer has spent long hours.

4. Exercise – anaphylaxis

You may have heard someone ridiculously say that he was allergic to sport, at the expense of humor and perhaps laziness. However, there is a real allergy that causes certain allergies. It is said that only one person has an allergy. This allergy is called anaphylactically influenced movement and only occurs after a certain type of diet, e.g. B. after notes and practice. The person eating peanuts easily eats, but when added to the exercise, the person may experience fatigue, vomiting, and breathing difficulties.

3. Cold – listen to cold auto-inflammatory inflammatory syndrome leather

Not many people like being cold, but they consider themselves allergic to it. Known as familial cold auto-flame therapy syndrome (FCAS) or just cold urticaria, this allergy causes cold temperatures. The cold causes the body to release histamine into the skin, causing skin rash, hives, redness and inflammation. This condition can be fatal, especially if it is not, because most people sometimes swim or take a bath in a cold pool. Both can be scary for the body.

Day 2 – Erythropoietic protoporphyria

It is rare that people are allergic to the sun but have an allergy. Only 300 people in the world suffer from an allergy to the sun. It is commonly known as solar urticaria. There is also a more serious condition known as erythropoietic protoporphyria. In direct sunlight the immune system activates the inflammatory cells in the skin. Most people with sun allergies are advised to limit their exposure and wear sunscreen. Some have to wear special clothing or avoid the sun at all costs.

1. Water – aquagen urticaria

Known as wild urticaria, this condition is believed to affect one in 23 million people worldwide. An allergy to water is rare and most allergies are away from home. Being allergic to water means being allergic to sweat and tears and even being allergic to food containing water such as fruit juice, tea and coffee. This means that bathing and bathing are extremely difficult. Humans are hypersensitive to the ions that are present in non-water. Therefore, most people should be careful when they drink water or they can drink unsaturated water. Here is an article from a real case of aquagen urticaria.


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