The U.S. Fulbright Scholarship Programs and U.S. Fulbright Student Programs are sponsored by the Department of Education and Culture of the U.S. Department of State to promote academic exchanges between the U.S. and over 150 countries worldwide. Nearly 600 US higher education institutions are actively participating in the Fulbright program. The best producing institutions with the most Fulbright US academics in 2020-21 are listed directly below, followed by a separate list of institutions with the most Fulbright US students. Ten PhD students, two Masters degrees, four high school graduates, and one special focus institution, all highlighted in bold text, were top producers by both US academics and US students in 2020-21.

In response to recent program adjustments to prioritize the health, safety and wellbeing of participants and host communities, Fulbright data for 2020-21 reflects the total number of awards offered, rather than the number of awards accepted as in previous years.

Top producers of American Fulbright scholars

Top producers of Fulbright students from the USA

Note: The dates reflect the awards offered for the 2020-21 academic year and are valid from February 1, 2021. The affiliated institutions are listed alphabetically. The categories are based on the 2018 Carnegie Classification of Colleges. Specialty focus institutions are those that have a high concentration of degrees in a single field or a range of related fields. The U.S. Fulbright Scholarship Program offers teaching and research grants for faculty and administrators of colleges and universities, as well as professionals, artists, journalists, scholars, lawyers, independent scholars, and others. Fulbright's US Student Program offers graduates, postgraduates, and entry-level scholarships to study or research programs, as well as teaching assistants for English abroad. Institutions that are top producers for both US academics and students in 2020-21 are in bold. Further data and information can be found at Fulbright website.

Source: Institute for International Education

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